Testimonials – Crystal Synergy – Pet Formula

My own rescue animals…

Foxy, a 5 pound chihuahua I rescued after having a heat stroke from being dumped in the summer 2012, started having seizures very regularly. I put the Special Pet Formula on her little eyebrow dots and down the center of her skull since I do not know what part of her brain is seizing. The seizure stopped immediately. In the last year, I have put it on her head faithfully every Saturday morning as a preventive. She had seizures during the middle of the week of the two weeks I missed her Saturday dose. Is she gets startled by fireworks or thunder, I put another dose on her head and a little at the base of her tail on her rear end, and she calms down immediately. I did the research and the phenobarbital the vet wanted to put her on would have shut her liver down and killed her by now. Instead, thanks to the Special Pet Formula, she is alive, happy, and healthy, living seizure free!

Sugar, a 9 chihuahua I rescued after having been frostbitten from being dumped in the subzero temperatures of November 2007, had not been outside for nearly two years because her knees couldn’t  handle the stairs anymore. I started putting Special Pet Formula all the way around her knees in the back every morning, and for the past year now, she has been going outside every day and even running in the yard and getting silly on occasion! No more wee pads for that happy little gal because of the Special Pet Formula!

I have an 80-pound Golden Retriever/Lab mix, Chew Bear, who had to have a bladder stone removed last summer. I put the Special Pet Formula on her stomach every morning and night after the surgery, and she didn’t need any of the pain medicine  the vet sent home because she didn’t act like she was in pain at all. In addition, the scar is nearly invisible! She got stung by a bee on her snout last fall, and the Special Pet Formula took all the red out and reduced the swelling immediately.

My 15-year old cat, Charlie, is usually very lazy until I put the Special Pet Formula on his stomach because he has an intestinal upset (probably from sneaking drinks out of my milk glass or cereal bowl. It works extremely effectively at restoring the balance to his intestines, and after  he licks it off, he gets wired for sound and runs around the house pouncing on other cats and playing with toys like a frisky kitten again! It happens every time!

My 12-year old cat, Scooter, has seasonal allergies and gets very congested during the rainy seasons. When she cannot breathe easily. I put some of the Special Pet Formula around her nose and on her throat and chest area. She instantly breathes easier and begins resting  more comfortably.

My daughter rescued a deaf Pit Bull, Frankie, who has extremely bad hips and knees. She has had surgery on her knees but the prognosis is not good. She is in great deal of pain, but the prescription medicines upset her stomach very badly. The Special Pet Formula has made all the difference in the world for her. She is a much happier dog now and not obviously suffering any longer. In fact, she has to be restrained in  leash in the house now to prevent her from running and playing and injuring herself further because she is not in pain and feels so good!

A friend with a pug/chihuahua mix called me a couple of weeks ago because her dog was restless and not herself at all. She said the dog has no energy and was acting severely depressed. She put a little dab of Special Pet Formula on her head, her stomach and at the base of her tail on her rear end. Whatever the problem was cleared up by the next day after just 3 treatments!

I met a lady at the local farmer’s market who said her kids’ pet rat was not playing anymore and just laying around looking like it might be dying. They suspected it had a stroke or a heart attack or something. I explained how I use the Special Pet Formula on my chihuahua with seizures and suggested it might be worth a try. She came back the next week with her kids who wanted to hug me to thank me for saving their pet! The rat licked the Special Pet Formula off its head and the lady said it is “like crack for rats” because it ran around that cage bouncing off the walls, running like mad in its little wheel and playing like crazy again!

One of my friends has a bird who landed in hot water and burned her feet. She put Special Pet Formula on its feet and the redness went away and the burns healed quickly without any of the serious consequences their vet prepared for them. The bird licked its feet and obviously ingested some of the Special Pet Formula because it sang and chattered happily with a great deal of energy the rest of the day!

The Special Pet Formula works great on hot spots and skin irritations too. A friend gave her dog the first shave of the season along  with horrible case of razor burn. She soothed its skin with the Special Pet Formula and the horrible rash cleared up overnight!